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TestApi is...

TestApi is a library of test and utility APIs that enables developers and testers to create testing tools and automated tests for .NET and Win32 applications. TestApi provides a set of common test building blocks -- types, data-structures and algorithms -- in a simple, layered, componentized and documented stack.

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Please vote on for specific features, or just send us feedback on the usefulness, architecture, and relevance of the provided APIs, and let us know what APIs you need for your work. The library will evolve based on user feedback.


  • Existing APIs
    • Application control API
    • Combinatorial variation generation API
    • Commandline parsing API
    • Input API
    • Leak detection API
    • Managed code fault injection API
    • Object comparison API
    • Text string generation API
    • Theme API
    • UIA utility API
    • Visual verification API
    • WPF dispatcher operations API
  • Suggested Future APIs
    • Concurrency API
    • Controls verifications API
    • Cross-platform support
    • Fuzzing API
    • Input injection API (additions)
    • Media verification API
    • Mocking API
    • Performance API
    • Screen resolution API
    • Setup validation API
    • State management API
    • Stress and load testing API
    • UIA utility API (additions)
    • Unmanaged code fault injection API
    • Unmanaged API interface
  • Package Components
    • Acceptance tests
    • Binaries
    • Documentation
    • MSTest samples
    • Sources
    • xUnit and NUnit samples


Project Development:
  • Alexis Roosa
  • Andrey Arkharov
  • Anne Gao
  • Bill Liu (blog)
  • Daniel Marley
  • Dennis Deng
  • Eddie Li
  • Eugene Zakhareyev (CARBON!)
  • Ivo Manolov (blog)
  • Jared Moore
  • Nathan Anderson
  • Peter Antal (blog)
  • Ranjesh Jaganathan
  • Sam Terilli
  • Shozub Qureshi
  • Tim Cowley
  • Vincent Sibal (blog)
  • William Han
  • Abhishek Kumar Mishra, Adam Ulrich, Adrian Vinca, Alexis Roosa, Brad Van Ee, Brian McMaster, Christine Warren, Daniel Marley, Dawn Wood, Dennis Cheng, Dwayne Need, Krasimir Alexandrov, Ian Ellison-Taylor, Jim Galasyn, John Gossman (blog), Lester Lobo (blog), Mak Agashe, Matt Galbraith, Michael Hunter (blog), Mike Pope, Patrick Danino (blog), Peter Antal, Robert Lyon, Rossen Atanassov, Scott Shigeta, Scott Wadsworth, Sue Dernbach, Yong Lee.

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